Board of Directors

Gina Lasky, PhD, MAPL
Health Management Associates

Leigh Steiner, PhD
Immediate Past President
Leigh Steiner, PhD
Senior Analyst
Relias Learning


Steve Scoggin, PsyD, LPC
Steve Scoggin, MDiv, PsyD, LPC
Assistant Vice-President of Behavioral
Health and CareNet, Inc.; Assistant
Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral
Medicine, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Dale Jarvis, BA, CPA
Dale Jarvis, BA, CPA
Managing Consultant
Dale Jarvis & Associates, LLC



Jennifer Andrashko, MSW, LICSW
Assistant Professor of Social Work
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Michael Brooks, MSW, BCD
Allen S. Daniels, EdD



Christopher Dennis, MD, MBA
Chief Behavioral Health Officer
Landmark Health

JJ Farook
Leigh Fischer, MPH
Associate, US Health
Abt Associates


Lynda Frosy
Lynda Frost, JD, PhD
Director of Planning and Programs
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

Leigh Fischer, MPH
Andre L. Johnson
Detroit Recovery Project



Ken Minkoff, MD
Senior System Consultant

Jay Roundy, MA, DPA
Chief Operating Officer
P2 Performance Plus


Wendy Varnell, LCSW
Chief Strategy Officer



Jen Padron, Med, CPS, QMHP-CS
Executive Director
Kris Ericson, PhD
The College for Behavioral Health Leadership