Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are  

The College for Behavioral Health Leadership (CBHL) strives to be a resource for behavioral health leaders across the country. We are THE PLACE where leaders collaborate to grow their knowledge and ability to transform communities across the nation.  We continually seek to understand and support the leader of today. We aim to foster and expand innovation, and we are working to position leaders to respond to the challenges of the future.

Distinctly different from how other organizations and degree programs offer leadership development, we purposely advocate for innovative leadership practices that continually evolve and draw from multiple, diverse opinions, sectors and stakeholders. We intentionally push the boundaries of those working within silos to focus on effective multi-sector community-based solutions resulting in transformative change.

Since 1979, CBHL has continually sought to expand the capacity of leaders to individually and collectively transform systems serving people and communities inclusive of people with behavioral and complex health needs. We are building upon decades of experience and the deep skills and commitment of our members to respond to this urgent challenge.

The Time is Now  

Behavioral health, health and social service systems are changing rapidly. There is a growing recognition of the need for improved behavioral health, but many public and private leaders are not prepared for the challenges ahead. Despite a growing demand for innovative multi-sector leadership, most leaders are still being prepared to adopt traditional, single sector, hierarchic approaches to management.

Instead, behavioral health leaders of today and tomorrow must address complex, cross-sector challenges, work comfortably through ambiguity, collaborate with and learn from colleagues, and utilize innovative and evidence-based strategies.  Developing effective, population-based, cross-sector approaches to eliminate inequity requires integrated care, collaborative community action and behavior change.

What We Do  

Through our summits, member engagement, and multi-sector collaborations, we offer leaders opportunities to:

  • Think and collaborate across sectors that touch behavioral health;
  • Learn innovative strategies and skills to partner with others to enhance the whole health of vulnerable populations;
  • Tackle complex systemic and community-wide goals; and
  • Be re-energized and excited to make a life-changing impact and reinvent the future!

Innovate, Inspire, Implement  

Leaders become stronger when they can test ideas, build relationships, and incorporate cutting edge skills. CBHL brings leaders together across sectors to learn from and teach one another in settings where new partnerships, stimulating experiences, and innovative solutions emerge, and together we create transformative leadership of the future.

 CBHL’s approach to leadership development is experiential:

  • We work to inspire and educate leaders at all levels to be successful.
  • We involve leaders from all sectors – public and private, service delivery, managed care and system oversight organizations.
  • We support leaders in the broad development of population health strategies to provided integrated services in all settings and systems for people and communities with complex needs.
  • We help the new generation of leaders balance traditional hierarchical leadership with the capacity to build collaboration within communities across sectors.
  • We train and coach our leaders in innovative technologies to co-create the changes needed in their communities, using models like human-centered design, collaborative impact, and participatory planning.

What We Offer    

Convene:  The CBHL Annual Summit serves as an incubator of national change.  We address the evolving needs of leaders and tackle core issues that challenge the health and wellbeing of our communities.  It is the premier forum for cross-sector leaders to come together in an enriching space for a high-impact experience.

Connect:  Connect with other leaders to share ideas, resources, and solutions to difficult problems. Peer-to-Peer Coaching and a Member Asset Map (in 2020) facilitate connections between members.. The CBHL Listserv allows for fast and easy outreach to all CBHL members – you also receive timely policy updates.

Innovate:  CBHL offers leaders opportunities to collaborate across the many sectors that touch behavioral health. Our organizational and funding partners support the incubation and spread of innovative cross-sector approaches to solve complex problems. Our members benefit from learning through real collaboration and technical assistance from experts in the field.

Share: CBHL distills information and shares emerging science, lessons and evidence via webinars, panel discussions, and provocative conversations. CBHL is currently seeking partners to develop an e-library that aggregates information and provides an active forum for leaders to spread innovation.

Lead: Leaders across organizational levels and sectors seek support.   CBHL’s approach to leadership development is experiential.  Quarterly peer-to-peer coaching webinars promote generative problem-solving and resiliency, while collaborative virtual learning opportunities target and improve outcomes.