Mission and Vision


The mission of the College is to be a neutral convener of diverse leaders concerned with public and population health to:

  • Identify and address existing opportunities for improvement and change for people of all cultures,
  • Support emerging consensus through cross discipline dialogues,
  • Promote best practices and be an  incubator for innovation,
  • Broker ideas that contribute to the evolution of behavioral health and wellness,
  • Promote leadership development and succession, and
  • Provide education, networking, and other opportunities that enrich its members.


To be recognized as the premier forum for convening and cultivating diverse health leaders and the exchange of innovations that impact the health and wellness of people and communities.

The College for Behavioral Health Leadership envisions a holistic health care system for people of all cultures. As behavioral health leaders, we have witnessed the profound impact of social determinants of health and the ways in which individual health is interwoven with public, population health, and social justice issues. Recognizing that the present climate of health care reform represents a seminal moment to bring together previously siloed sectors of health, the College is expanding its focus. Moving beyond the leadership required at the intersection of mental health and substance use with physical health, the College is seeking to join with diverse leaders within public and population health, including those focused on the underlying social determinants of health. The College’s role is to inspire and enhance leaders’ skill in creating collective action across sectors to design a health system that is authentically holistic, innovative, and powerful enough to, ultimately, reduce health disparities.

The College has decades of expertise in enhancing leadership in the mental health and substance use prevention and treatment fields. As a thought leader with a distinctive focus on fostering leadership, the College is recognized for its unique ability to scan the eco?system, convene leaders, and incubate new ideas to bring about change for the future. The College wants to leverage this experience and serve as a convener of leaders from across the spectrum of the health care system. The College strongly maintains that behavioral health leaders have a unique perspective and intelligence on building relationships and partnerships across boundaries and that a focus on fostering system leaders is the natural evolution for the organization.


In pursuing its vision and mission, the College values:

  • The experience of individuals who have served as leaders in the field,
  • The diversity of members, perspectives, and disciplines, including individuals and family members with lived experience,
  • The participation of its members in its governance, initiatives, and tasks,
  • The dynamic interaction and collegial debate that is part of constructing consensus, and
  • A financially healthy organization that supports the vision and mission.


The College for Behavioral Health Leadership is a 501(c)3. Copies of IRS 990 filings are available to the public on request. Please contact the office.