ACMHA Becomes The College for Behavioral Health Leadership


In keeping with our history of evolving with the field, ACMHA (founded in 1979) continues to transform with the new directions in health care in America. In concert with that transformation, we have changed our name to The College for Behavioral Health Leadership.

For 19 years we have hosted an annual Summit, bringing together leaders, first from mental health, then expanding to address key issues in the field. As the focus shifted, new stakeholders – substance use professionals, peer providers, community organizations, and others – joined us, creating new thought leaders and sharing innovative programs and concepts. Most recently, we have offered a webinar series focused on cultural and diversity topics in addressing health care.

Now, as The College for Behavioral Health Leadership, we will carry that momentum forward to further integrate behavioral health into the larger fabric of health delivery. Partnering with public health, medicine, and community health delivery systems, we will be able to broaden our message and create new leadership opportunities. As we evolve, those collaborations with other health partners are key. For our January 20 Population Health Symposium in Washington, DC we have partnered with two sections of the American Public Health Association. The 2016 Summit – Population Health: Leadership for Building Healthier Communities – is co-hosted by Prevention Institute.

In addition to our name change, we updated our website and our URL to reflect the dynamic processes in our field. You’ll find us on the web at Our website features discussion forums, papers of interest to the field, archives of Summit proceedings, and information about current activities. Our longstanding member listserv – one of our most valuable benefits – will soon have a new home as well, further enhancing member to member communications.

In expanding our focus, we have adopted a new vision. We hope you that you will join us in making this vision of the future a reality. Visit us at, join us at the 2016 Summit in San Diego, April 6 – 8, and become a part of the conversation.