The Practice of Human Centered Design Thinking


Summit 2017 – Shake Up Your Snow Globe: Bold Leadership for Changing Times – focused on learning and practicing human centered design thinking. Led by Dr. Amy Schwartz, Empathic Innovation, participants formed into 10 design lab teams and spent concentrated time together using the framework of human-centered design to create and prototype an innovation to impact health and wellbeing.

We redesigned components of a US city to increase the focus on health and wellness, using the expertise we bring in behavior change to improve a number of “systems” in our community. This is a real city – diversified ethnically, racially, and socio-economically. Teams addressed five different design challenges: a middle school, a health neighborhood (built environment), community police department, food and substance landscape, and health systems. Each team focused on what a “day in the life” looked like for part of the population now and what they wanted it to be in a new, healthier future.

Included below are photos from Denver including images of the resulting prototypes from design teams. More information about Summit 2017 and supporting materials can be found here.