A Bold Transformation


Dear colleagues,

For several months the College has been working on a new plan to shape our future and continue to offer leaders what they need to succeed. We are planning a bold transformation that will give a very different form and feel to our future. We’ve been appreciative of the engagement of members in this process and incorporated your feedback into our deliberation and planning.

We believe the College understands the current climate of an ever increasing pace of change that is driving health care leaders to manage multiple change efforts simultaneously. We are committed to supporting leaders and their organizations to anticipate the future and empower the present. We want to offer resources, information, and foresight to assist you to not only survive, but thrive.

CBHL is building on its long-lived history and will focus on promoting change by mobilizing expertise, influencing the policy process, forecasting the future, spreading new ideas, stimulating public debate, and offering creative and practical solutions to tackle pressing problems. “We don’t make leaders, we make leaders better.”

We’ll add value by building awareness, spreading solutions, and galvanizing thought leadership through a suite of resources. CBHL has long facilitated thought leaders in convening to support collaboration and incubation of innovative solutions. Building on this foundation, we plan to more formally facilitate leaders and organizations in collaboration and shared innovation as we believe that this is where sustainable solutions reside.

We begin this new focus at Summit on September 27-28, 2018 in Richmond, VA. At Summit we will touch on the historic frame of behavioral health, address concepts of behavioral health leadership in the current environment, and determine what we must do together for behavioral health leaders and organizations to be successful in the future. We’ll tell you more about our future plans there and, for those of you who can’t attend, we’ll follow up with an on-demand webinar with the same information.

We look forward to seeing you in Richmond!

Very best regards,
Kris Ericson, Executive Director
Gina Lasky, President