Past Summit Proceedings 2005

Tracking the Transformation

March 30 - April 2, 2005
Eldorado Hotel & Spa Santa Fe, NM

The ACMHA Summit, "Tracking the Transformation" was a huge success, gathering of 152 national leaders in the field of behavioral health and substance use disorders to discuss and design transformational strategies to move the field forward. Welcomed by Governor William Richardson, the participants heard inspiring keynote presentations by Kathryn Power, airline industry expert Karolin Chebowsky and Annapolis Coalition leaders Michael Hoge and John Morris. Twelve "transformational leaders" presented enlightening and stimulating overviews of progress in the key areas of transformation highlighted in the President’s Commission Report. The discussion groups, led by 12 spirited facilitators representing administrative and consumer leadership, kept the dialogue moving and the recommendations for transformation took shape. Pamela Hyde, J.D. and Areta Crowell, Ph.D. were honored by ACMHA with awards for their service to the field. The ACMHA 25th Birthday Party and traditional "wine-off" added to the fun and festivities, all surrounded by the beauty and artistry of unique Santa Fe. See presentations and summary recommendations below.

Proceedings of the 2005 Summit: Tracking the Tranformation (pdf)

2005 Photos

2005 Wine-Off Results

2005 Summit Powerpoint Presentation, Web Version (ppt)

Mike Hogan:
Transformation: ACMHA, The President’s Commission, And the Change that we Seek (ppt)

A. Kathryn Power:
Tracking the Transformation: A Celebration of Our Progress (ppt)

Saturday Summary:
Workgroup Recommendations (pdf)

Small Group Recommendations (ppt)

Dr. Rudy Arredondo & Dr. Nancy C. Speck: Texas State Strategic Health Partnership: Sharing Leadership and Accountability for Public Health in Texas (ppt)

MBHP Outcomes Initiative (ppt)

Wayne Stelk:
MBHP Outcomes Initiative (pdf)