Past Summit Proceedings 2006

Cross-Systems Collaborations: Catalysts for Transforming Behavioral Health

March 15 – 18, 2006
Eldorado Hotel & Spa Santa Fe, NM

The 2006 Santa Fe Summit focused on the goal of transformational change within the behavioral health community and how the tools of collaboration, especially across systems, could promote that change. Building on prior years' work, the Summit Planning Committee created space for dialogue around key issues of transformation in order to step over barriers that hamper change and create new possibilities through interaction with colleagues. The committee had three goals:

  • To explore and understand the complexity of how behavioral health problems manifest themselves in systems outside of the specialty behavioral health sector (e.g., primary care, public health, child welfare, education, adult/juvenile justice, or law enforcement).
  • To present examples and identify various strategies that address behavioral health problems in non-specialty settings with an eye toward generalizing to broader social policy solutions.
  • To provide a forum to explore how the behavioral health field-- particularly the roles of professionals and policy makers--will be transformed by the growing recognition of the ubiquity of behavioral health problems.

197 leaders and change agents came together March 15 - 18 in Santa Fe to discuss the role of cross-system collaboration in transformation, the role of leadership development in transformation, and to establish specific goals for their own participation in the transformational process. Dynamic keynote speakers, presenter teams from across the nation sharing successes in collaboration efforts, and poster presentations of research and further examples of transformational change were all central to the success of the summit.

As post-Summit activities continue, ACMHA will add additional information to this page related to the continual movement of transformation in the behavioral health system. The links below provide information from keynote speakers and presenters.

Keynote Presentations

Cross Systems Collaborations: Catalysts for Transforming Behavioral Health
A. Kathryn Power, MEd, Director, Center for Mental Health Services

The Context for Collaboration: Behavioral Healthcare 2006
Michael F. Hogan, PhD, Director, Ohio Department of Mental Health

Environmental Scan: Issues and Challenges in the Field
Marie E. Sinioris, President & CEO, National Center for Healthcare Leadership

Transformational Leadership
Bob Stilger, PhD, Co-President, The Berkana Institute

Cross Systems Collaboration: Some Serious and Persistent Questions
David Shern, PhD, Professor and Dean, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute

Collaboration Within and Across Systems: From Segregation to Collaboration
King Davis, PhD, Executive Director, The Hogg Foundation

Additional Presentations

Cross Systems Collaboration: The Role of Leadership Excellence Networks
Marie E. Sinioris, President & CEO, National Center for Healthcare Leadership

Improving the Quality of Healthcare for Mental and Substance-Use Conditions: A Report in the Quality Chasm Series
Allen S. Daniels, EdD, University of Cincinnati Department of Psychiatry

Annapolis Coalition Update
Michael A. Hoge, PhD, Chair, The Annapolis Coalition

Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment Update
Betta H. Owens, MS, Deputy Director