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Leadership for the Triple Aim:
Better Health, Better Care, Lower Cost

Summit Program
Leadership demands are evolving in a changed and changing health care environment. Effective leadership is about translating external pressures into current and future success. Macro-trends such as population-based health promotion, coordination of multiple chronic conditions, integration of physical/behavioral care, dual eligible populations, new delivery models, peer support and coaching, payment reform, and advances in clinical decision supports and information technology will each affect how leadership “looks” in the emerging health care arena. At the same time, our experience and expertise must inform the solutions we bring to new collaborations, innovations, payment approaches, and community/social supports to improve the health and wellness of those we serve.

The 2013 Summit focused on leadership challenges in this environment, with specific emphasis on exemplars working to achieve the Triple Aim of

  • Better Care (access, quality, and outcomes of care, new delivery structures, etc.);
  • Better Health ( e.g., integration of care, new collaborations, whole population health); and
  • Lower Costs (e.g. multi-payer financing, health plans/exchanges, pay for performance models).

Challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned are available to inform our efforts. We invite leaders of health homes, public health, family physicians, health care, behavioral health, addiction services, and community wellness to join ACMHA members to focus on the skills and experiences required to lead and transform health. Summit conversations will focus on tools, qualities, models, and resources that encourage and sustain evolving leadership. We will learn from program leaders who are early adopters and have demonstrated successful approaches for achieving the Triple Aim and work together to develop a consensus statement on emerging leadership trends.

Proceedings, Presentations, and Resources


As Summit 2013 opened April 3, the first large group exercise and discussion was to describe what behavioral health leadership looks like now. A Wordle was created to capture that discussion, which is available from the link. During the courage of the Summit, attendees engaged in a series of conversations based on information they had gleaned from exemplar presenters about achieving the triple aim and their own experiences. Each group was asked to share their thoughts and "answers" to the following two questions:

  • What description is emerging of the critical leadership skills and experiences necessary to transform health and achieve the Triple Aim ?
  • What does this mean for your personal and organizational goals, performance, and operations?

Responses are available from:

As Summit came to a close, attendees were asked to answer the following question in a 5x7 exercise: What is a first step that behavioral health leaders need to take to improve progress toward achieving the Triple Aim? Responses are available from the link.

Presenter Slides

Background Information From Presenters

From Emerging Techologies, Kim Johnson

From Creating Integrated Care in Rural Behavioral Health Agencies, Maria-Elena Ochoa and Terry Stevens

From Parachute NYC, Pablo Sadler, Jamie Neckles, and Steve Coe

From Fee-for-Service to Value-Based Care Under the ACA, Christopher Pricco

Leadership Resources

Resources on Achieving the Triple Aim